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Originally Posted by swimmerboy View Post
I heard taht you gain 30 lbs. in puberty, not counting what you eat.
No offense but that's ridiculous. During puberty, you grow a lot. For instance, I've grown close to a foot since starting puberty. Of course you're going to gain some weight as well, so you don't waste away. But to say that everyone gains 30 pounds (and, forgive me if I'm wrong, but it sounded like you meant they end up 30 pounds overweight) is silly. Especially when I was 145 pounds at age 10 (in the middle of puberty) and stopped growing at 135 pounds at age 13, and I know I'm not the only one to lose weight upon reaching adult height. Not saying anything bad about you, don't get me wrong. However, you were misinformed.

I was always tall for my age, and rather thin. But once I hit puberty I started having regular growth spurts (I've always grown fast, but in puberty it got even worse). I'd get chubby and then I'd shoot up four or five inches and thin out, and then it would start over. Then, I plumped up, never grew that 4 or 5 inches, and just when I was wondering if I was actually getting fat (as opposed to the weight gain that I knew would go away once I grew a bit), I dropped the weight and since then I've grown a grand total of 2 and a half inches.

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