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how can you say that cosmos (if its a joke the nvm) the envirernment is a very important thing. i hate life because ppl just dont care. all they do is say me, me, me. i want this. i want that. well you know what? most of the people in the world go to sleep hungry, poor, and uneducated. and its not just in other countries. my family lives off of a meger 30000 a year combined saleries. me and my brother do more labor and work harder then half the other teens in this god forsaken country. life has shifts and turns. but insteed of complaing and crying about it. i go to the shelters here in town, and volenteer my time to the american red cross. i try and help the poor and uneducated of america in hopes that somday i can do more for others countries as well. i try and promote awaness about africa, asia, south and central america, and south west europe. but people put me down. i have a father who is shizo. and no longer knows my name. a mother who works hours a day as a lpn and then comes home just to sleep and go back to work. a step father how goes out and slaves in the hot sun for nine hours only to come home and try and help my mum. i live in a family of 6, all sharing out food and clothing. I myself school myself and still manage to bring in money to help make ends meet. but i have never complained untill now. now that i have seen to may christian, spoiled americans, that fart around all day in luxuary, and then have the fucking nerve to come here and spew off about how they want to kill themselves because there lives suck so fucking much. im a fiffteen going on sixteen 12th grade student that will, by means of grant, excelll into austin community college, i hope, and then off to the world i will go, were i will devote my life to bring jobs to africa and south east asia. and trying to woe the filthy rich americans to give there 2 cents to teh world. only to hear them complain about it afterwards and bitch about how much they care while doing noting to better socity. i will watch as the white man guzzles oil and gathers there money and then through an entire country into horrible horrible war just so they can drive there styleish suvs and i will watch the dirty polotitions pass laws letting factorys pollute the environment and cause an atmosphere withch has stood for billions of year fall in the simple 40000 year spand of human existance. i will die one day, poor, exusated, buried with a five inch by five inch head stone in a over crowed cemetary with a under budget coffin. and the three ppl that visit my furnel will be my adopted african son his wife and yound daughter. They will say there goodbyes and then live out there lives as happy and thoughful individuales. fighting aginst what they were thought was right. Wow, had to get that all off my chest and out into the open. oh yeah, go green party
wow, great job!!! i agree with most of that.
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