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I have no idea if its necessary or not but its HUMAN
Human beings are an animal granted we have a higher IQ then most but we are still animals.
Every animal has instincts; to reproduce, to protect the pack etc...
We have less instincts because humans have a very short gestation period thats why a baby is complelty defenceless and dependant on the parents for years after birth, its like that because of the size of our brains aka heads. This fact means we rely on our ability to learn, adapt and work together (as a species were extremly social) it also makes us very gentle.
It's been proven that one of the gentilist primapes (yes were monkeys, almost naked, uprigh walking, tailess monkeys) on the planet is humans.

I know your all gonna hate me, think i'm sum sick disgusting shit but i see an art in war
I know you think well wha if it was your family that was fam is already dying, being picked off by a microscopic enemy that i can't fight, I'd rather it was a fight that i could do something in and my life means nothing to me

I'm reading a book called "the essential differance" its about how a girls and a guys brains are wired diffrent, like a guy can take more external pain such as a wound {common on the battle feild or while killing a mammoth } and a girl can take more internal pain {such as childberth}. Its also been proven that guys are more aggressive, stronger and very good at systamizing were great at building tools and machines, and girls are fast and there empathizers they are way more intouch with there emotions {sum suspect they even have more} allowing for easy social interaction and nurturing of a child. A girl just like a guy has an extremly uncontrolable instinct to protect themselfs and the life of there offspring, just like many many animals.

Lets face it human beings espically males {i am NOT trying to be sexist here} evolved to fight its part of being human.
"Is war right?"......Who knows, theres to many diffrent variables and situations to be that black and white

But I can tell you its human

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