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1 What political party do you support?-Democratic
2 Do you consider yourself far right (conservative), far left (liberal) or moderately independent?-Far Right, liberals are a pollution to our society.
3 Are you pro choice?-Yes...?
4 Do you consider yourself open minded?-Yes
5 Are you opposed to change?-Sometimes
6 Do you support the War In Iraq?-No, it's not a war to free the people. It is a corporate war to spike the gas price so oil company will get more money.
7 Do you support the Bush Administration?-HELL NO!!!
8 Are you satisfied with the economic state of the United States?-No, especially after the day when the stocks dropped like the A-Bomb into Hiroshima.
9 Do you support the War on Terror?-Yes
10 Are you tolerant?-Sometimes, depending on my mood.
11 Are you Christian or do you believe in Christ?-Still deciding. Highly unlikely.
12 If you answered yes to 11, then If somebody is not Christian do you see them as inferior?-N/A
13 Do you think George Bush should be impeached?-Yes
14 What is the most effective form of government to you?-DICTATORSHIP!!! No just kidding. Democratic
15 Are you open to stem cell research?-No, seeing another me is just freaky and the world would just be a mess with clones.
16 If the time came that the United States instituted the draft, would you support this decision?-Yes...?
17 Do you think Gay Marriage, or civil unions, should be legal?-Yes, it's a personal choice.
18 Do you friends ever call you racist or narrow minded?-Yes
19 How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?-That is just completely irrelevant.
20 Who is your representative?-Me
21 Are you male or female?-Male
22 Are you a minority?-Yes
23 How old are you?-14
24 Are you rich, middle class, or lower class?-Middle
25 What is your sexual orientation?-Straight

De Oppresso Liber-To Liberate The Opressed

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