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Originally Posted by Rain Boy View Post
Judging from some things I have read on the web, it seems that in some hospitals, they are sneaky about it and don't discuss it. They put a consent form in a stack of papers parents are signing, or they come down and more or less take the infant away to do it, as if it is just a normal part of their day.

I can see why you would be pissed off about that, it's not a good system. Overall I think it should not be done automatically to boys. OTOH, I am uncircumcised and think foreskin has its pros and also downsides, so having one does not mean you attain penis nirvana
I do volunteer work in hospital, have assisted (held down the baby boy) & can assure you that parents are THOROUGHLY informed that they are signing a consent for circumcision. Believe it or not, it is seldom the pediatrician that does the procedure. All that I am aware of are done by the obstetrician! The American Academy of Pediatrics is against it, (I have two ped docs in my family). More often than not the parents choose with the obstetrician- without even consulting the pediatrician!

In my experience, the mother pushes MUCH harder for the circ than the father does. "I want him to look like his dad!" My dad practices in Texas, & said that 40 years ago, about 98% of white males were circumcised. 90% of African American & Hispanic babies were not. About 25 years ago, minorities started asking for their sons to be circumcised.

For the past 5 years he is seeing about half of each race deciding against circumcision.

I was cut at birth, although my dad is not. I never have received an answer explaining why. I would rather have remained intact.

The foreskin serves the same purpose for the penis that the clitoral hood does for women- it keeps the glans/clitoris protected from irritation so that pleasure will result when it is stimulated.

BTW: One of my favorite facts: Did you know that the clitoris is the ONLY appendage of the body that exists soley for sexual pleasure? Think about it...
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