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Default Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive

Straightening pencils is definitely my sort of thing, and I tend to adjust a pencil multiple times before it's the way I like it. I arrange things that really have no purpose being organized, for example, I sit at my desk for hours focusing intently on organizing hundreds of colored pencils in a box by their color, and I would be so irritated by the fact that I didn't know where the grays and browns would go. I also spent a few hours making sure that every one of the tabs on an entire color pallet was equally spread apart and splayed out giving an amazing rainbow color effect.

Another thing that I experience, whether it is OCD or not, is that I always need to align things perfectly, in the real world and in video games. In a few of the shooters that I play, I may even move the bodies after I have killed them so that they look 'cool'. In other games, I enjoy map editors very much, but free moving rotation on objects with no locked degrees will annoy me immensely.


My OCD is often hard to notice as I also have severe ADHD, and when combined they form a horrific kind of person that's always frantically organizing, but always getting distracted by other unfinished tasks. My imperfections brought about by my ADHD provoke my OCD even more, and I'm constantly fighting myself within my own thoughts and telling myself to stop my outbursts, but to no avail. I'm always either playing with my fingers, cracking my knuckles, biting my lip, scrunching my whole face or grinding my teeth together, and my compulsiveness to crack my knuckles is the likely greatest impulse that I possess. I'm very certain that I am OCD, but it has not been diagnosed officially.


I try really hard not to be too full of myself

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