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the symptons of an ingrown hair can change..... its most likely that it is an ingrown hair ....but if youre still really worried, then you could maybe just go to your doctor put your mind at ease
If you wanted could try pressing a hot facecloth agianst them a few times a day, its supposed to help soften your skin and allow the hairs to grow through nicely..

As for ingrown hairs...there are a few things you can do to minimize the risk of getting them...
You should always try and wash your skin before shaving....and if you can, exfoliate...
Try to shave in the same direction each time..
Also try to use a shaving cream or foam when you do...
And try to shave in the direction of the hair growth...not against the grain....
Finally if you can, try to put a cream on the area that youve shaved...there are alot of creams especially for after shaving....and there are also ones for ingrown hairs....possibly something with tea tree oil or something else which has anti septic properties...if you know what i mean ...anything that wont block your pores but will keep the area moisturised...

i hope things work out alright let us all know how it goes ...and if your still worried, we're always here for you ....feel free to pm me anytime if you have any questions...especially about this ^^..... if none of this makes sense, just ask kinda tired, so i can imagine how many typos ive made hehe

...and try not to worry


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