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I have a lot of friends who do drugs and drink personally i believe drinking is ok but not eccesivly and drugs are not nessacey neither is alchol but hey... I have alot of friends who use all this stuf eccesesivly and I am the person they choose to look at b/c I dont and what alot of people say works i a counseler... like a professional like that one movie on lifetim the girl quit after being in the hospital and a old "dealer" slipped her a line of coke and she almost did it but she called her counseler and she came and flushed it i mean it doesnt sound realistic but counselors REALLy do help and while they are its good to keep things to figit with like a yo-yo or finding a habit like helping out at a camp.... I dunno bu it sems like it has worked b4 and for ome of you who say all that sounds stupid dropp the influences (etc. current drug friends, posters, anything that reminds you) and get new stuff plus it gives you a hobbie!

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