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Default Tell me if this is good. I dont know if it is or not.

This is a poem I made i want to know what y'all think

"Ive made mistakes throughout my life
Ive made people cry about a million times
Ive felt insecure and ready to die
Ive blamed myself and I dont know why

Dont know why.

Ive cried myself to sleep in a blink of an eye
Ive screamed my lungs out to the sky
Ive decieved myself and im too tough to cry

Ive cut myself to see how much I bleed
Ive tried to regrow my world with a seed
Tried to make things right, but dont know how
Better suck it up and deal for now

God give me strength to stand up to myself
Ive been greedy and need to share my wealth
Ive been untruthful, just lied and lied
I know I can fix it if I try

God forgive me Ive been a stupid girl
Tryin to cope with this messed up world."

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