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Hmm... As I use the old ways (and I'm British...) we'll just say that I'm 16, 5,4, and 9 stone... Although I LOOK about 8 stone, and the average for my age is about 7/8 stone.

But anyway, I really wasn't happy with my body at one point, but I guess being with my boyfriend has really boosted my self image... I'm not used to someone loving as I am, (hell, I'm not used to anyone loving me at ALL...) so it's been quite an experience for me...

And besides, I LOVE my curves. I would hate to be a stick insect... But I do wish my belly would flatten a bit...Evil family trait!!

[i] I don\'t need you anymore
I don\'t want to be ignored
I don\'t need one more day,
Of you wasting me away...

(With no apologies) [i] - Linkin Park, Don\'t Stay
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