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Originally Posted by King_of_Hearts View Post
Hmm... where to start.
God doesn't send you to Hell for one little bad thing you do. He forgives. He is like a loving parent. If you ask for forgivness, you will receive it. But continually murdering or stealing and not asking for forgivness? That will land you in Hell. God loves us and provides all for us. But when you sin, he reaches out to you to repent. If you ignore his call, you will land in Hell. Ever heard "Repent, and thou shalt be saved"? He does forgive. He doesn't just say "Oh, you sinned? To Hell you go." Hell is reserved for the purest of evils. He tries to help you as much as he can, as much as he can. And I will finish by answering the last few questions you asked. I was brought up christian, I didnt choose it. I do not believe all other religions are false. I believe all other religions are capturing their own aspect of God. If the religion has more than one God, then they are showing every side of God. I respect all other religions. And I even enjoy learning about them.
I like your version of god Different people see him differently, but your version of him seems to be loving, and I like that. There are many people who say they believe in a loving god, then preach hatefully in god's word. I personally don't think that you can know for sure who you are dealing with and what he is like until you are sitting there with him and you hear his words straight from his lips. Otherwise, things get twisted easily. The Bible is like a game of telephone. Even if there is a god, I believe that the Bible would be an unreliable source, seeing as it came from oral tradition, passed down for centuries before it was written down. This causes changes in the stories, and by the time people got around to writing it, the story was probably completely different from what it was originally. I still think that following the Bible can be a very noble thing, if you use it right. I think the Bible has many beautiful, inspirational quotes. Still, you must use it wisely and not take it literally because there are many horrible things in there as well that are at best morally problematic, and at worst, morally obscene.
I also appreciate your pluralist viewpoint (all paths lead to the same mountain kinda thing). Most christians I've met have not been so open-minded as to think that all other religions are true in their own way as well. Every religious person I've talked to in person believes that their religion is the only true one, and that all other people who don't believe the same thing will go to hell (except they said it in a nicer way of course). I know that there are christians who have that pluralist viewpoint like yourself, I've just never met one in person. I wish there were more pluralists like you in the world! It would make life and everyone's individual spiritual journeys much easier
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