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Default Re: Has anyone else been transformed into a cynical jerk because of ocd?

Getting away from religion is good. Less you go into satanisum which is basicly another religion. Budist isn't bad. Sense it involves more looking into one self for answers rather than relying on a thousands year old book.

Learn to live by using your brain. Not what a dumb book says you should do. Because it says stupid shit like children who disobey should be stoned to death. Burn thieves at the stake. Such bull shit! Religion is so immoral. Morals come from people, not the book. Look within your self for guidance. Our first instincts are generally correct.

A question for thought. If god is almighty, can he build an unmovable object? If so can he then move it?
If he can not build it he is not almighty. If he can not move it he is not almighty. One of the many holes in religion.

Personally I would start meditation or reflection. Think about what you do and why you do it/feel it. Once you know why you can fix it

~I do not try to give advice as much as I do just point out facts as I have found people like to make their own decisions in life, not be told what one is best to make~

Please excuse my typos. I'm usually on my phone and it has issues.
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