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Originally Posted by Hallie View Post
I like your point; it shows me that you are intelligent, but I want to be clear with you that I am not asking for autonomous free will. Yes, it is true that I think burning your children for eternity is a bit harsh for doing one bad deed in life. All I'm saying is that the punishment is unjust, not that there shouldn't be a punishment. For example, when your child makes a mess of the house, you send them to a time out until dinner time. This gives them time to think about what they've done and come to the conclusion that they were wrong, and so they can learn from it and do better later on in life. But in hell, you can never escape, no matter how much you are sorry for what you did. There is no redemption. In god's eyes, there is only good and evil. I see much more to the human species. I don't think that everything is so black and white, but that there are shades of gray. And just because you've done a bad thing, does that necessarily make you a bad person? All I'm saying is that it seems unfair for god to punish his own children and cause them agony for an eternity. Think about that for a second. An eternity. A whole day, burning in agonizing pain would be horrible. A year, inhuman. a thousand, unbelievable. How about a million? and a billion? a trillion? a hundred trillion? ten hundred trillion? Not even. None of these lengths of time come close. Can you imagine? Being tortured non stop for an eternity? Does that sound like an all loving, forgiving god to you?
Listen, I very much enjoy debating with you. I would like to continue, because you seem very knowledgeable on the subject, and I am looking to understand. I always try to keep an open mind. I was wondering if you could answer this question for me: Why christianity? Why do you choose to be a christian? I am assuming that you think all other religions are false, yes? So why do you think christianity is the true religion? What makes christianity more valid than all the other thousands of religions that have existed during the course of history?
Hmm... where to start.
God doesn't send you to Hell for one little bad thing you do. He forgives. He is like a loving parent. If you ask for forgivness, you will receive it. But continually murdering or stealing and not asking for forgivness? That will land you in Hell. God loves us and provides all for us. But when you sin, he reaches out to you to repent. If you ignore his call, you will land in Hell. Ever heard "Repent, and thou shalt be saved"? He does forgive. He doesn't just say "Oh, you sinned? To Hell you go." Hell is reserved for the purest of evils. He tries to help you as much as he can, as much as he can. And I will finish by answering the last few questions you asked. I was brought up christian, I didnt choose it. I do not believe all other religions are false. I believe all other religions are capturing their own aspect of God. If the religion has more than one God, then they are showing every side of God. I respect all other religions. And I even enjoy learning about them.
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