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Default Re: ** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE **

Hello there everyone.

Ok first of all, when you say that cut people does not lose sensitivity is lying to himself. There's have been quite a lot of studies that show that it DOES in fact lose sensitivity. And I saw one not long ago made by British doctors and scientists demonstrating that you lose over 85% of sensitivity. And really you don't have to be a genius to realize that when you expose something like the penis gland it is going to lose sensitivity because all the contact that there is everyday, every minute, every second also without the protection of the foreskin the gland dries and looks purpleish and dry.

Second of all, there is a lot of rumors about the problems of having a foreskin, like "it's annoying and hard to wash" "it looks ugly" "you get infections" and the dumbest one "it prevents HIV". Ok I'm going to explain its ones but there's others that I'm going to talk about in others posts

Wash a foreskin, ok this is really funny because there is some people who actually believe that washing the foreskin it's even a process or something. Listen to me washing the foreskin it's like washing any other part of your body ok, you just do to it you don't even think about it. It doesn't take 30 second or 15 or even 5 is up to you actually.

It looks ugly or weird, ok first of all put a picture of a penis cut and one intact side by side, you are going to notice right away that the intact one looks natural because, things like the scar, the drastically change of color (starts with your normal color and cuts right into a redish color) and the purpleish dried head. The intact one have a pink healthy looking head when the foreskin is retract and the color of the penis is uniform and natural.

Infections, ok why do you think that we intact are going to get infections, really think about it.... You see is just a rumor, you can get an infection being cut or intact is up to you, is how you take care of yourself what really matters.

Now the last one, HIV, this WAS believe because studies made long time ago by Americans doctors there were a lot of ridiculous studies back then just to get people do what they want them to do. Masturbation anyone? Back then it was really bad seen masturbation and they were studies saying that masturbation causes mental problems, you can turn infertile and a lot others. Masturbation is natural and healthy doctor don't care anymore about masturbation... But what happen if the show the truth about circumcision. You know how much does doctors make monthly with circumcision? Last time I checked it was about 3-8K depending of the popularity of the doctor. Why do you think that like 90% percent of the studies against circumcision are made by doctors outside of the USA. Really disappointing right

Ok latest studies shows that circumcision does not actually help against HIV and other STD's. USA is one of the country's that have a high rate of circumcision and a high rate of HIV and STD... Funny right? Spain have a lot lower rate of HIV and pretty much everyone is intact

Ok in order to end I want to say something

I'm not trying to make people cut feel bad, it's much likely not your fault if you we're cut when baby. But for people who is thinking about doing this horrible surgery to know the real side of the story, That circumcision is not the answer to anything.

Oh and surprise do you know that in order to eliminate phimosis there is surgeries that resolve the problem and keep the foreskin and best of all there is no risk. You might think why don't people know about this... We'll you know that hospitals sells the cuted foreskin? They would lose profit

I hope I help you guys

BTW: English is not my main language so I apologize for mistakes I made here
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