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Default Re: ** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE **

Hi to all cut guys just a point from a guy that is INTACT as nature intended, as male mammals are

1 Our very very special and unique self cleaning self folding back and most IMPORTANT self lubricating skin with millions and millions of nerve endings that is there to protect the helmet and enhance pleasure wanking etc . The skin in normal circumstances retracts when u get a boner and is pulled back when rolling on a rubber and or having a shag. Our skins unless tight or too long get in the way of nothing.

2. The super skin self cleans but as in amputated guys the bell end/galns still needs to be kept clean (baby wipes are ace) to keep you free from having a cheese cock.

3 Amputated guys will have lost 30% of their sensetivity fact thus making friction take longer to spunk yer loads.
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