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Originally Posted by rogoshtalmour View Post
Hallie you said so many things there and I do want to take the time to address some of them but first I must ask you a question in 2 different ways. I see your location is Virginia. First question would you prefer the US government tell you everything you must do and then force you to do it or would you prefer to continue enjoying the freedom of choice you have today? 2nd question is basically the same question but instead of considering the US government consider your parents would you prefer for them to have the power to force you to do anything they want or do you like being able to make your own choices sometimes even if your choices are somewhat limited since they are your parents and do have some say over what you do much in the same way the government does limit our choices but we still have choice overall?
First of all, you used so many run-on sentences and it was hard to follow what you were saying. Second of all, I fail to see how this relates to my religious views or what I have said about them. I am fairly sure that you are trying to bring up the point that god has given us free will, therefore it is our choice whether to believe in him or not. But let me ask you a question: would you want your parents to drown you and the rest of the world because they are "evil" even though many of them are children who don't know better? Would you want them to pick a favorite child (Cane and Abel)? Would you want them to tell you not to kill anyone, then go killing people themselves? Would you want them to threaten to burn you in a pit of despair for the rest of eternity if you've done a bad thing? Do you think that is good parenting?
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