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Over in Australia we have the Liberal Party (no, not your definition of Liberal... these guys are like your Republicans) and the Labour Party.

Now I have friends in some circles, and they overhear blue-collar people saying "I'm just going to vote for Labour because they're right" Blue-collar people automatically think that Labour is right because it represents them. It isn't. It has marvellous plans, but they only work in the short-term. Liberal may be generally less popular (Howards been in three terms though so Liberal's doing something right) but they have excellent long-term plans. They haven't put the country in debt.

Everyone still complains about a tax Howard introduced called the General Services Tax (GST). It basically puts a small tax on everyday purchases, barring essentials. People blame things for being expensive, saying the GST is bad. The money from GST goes to building and improving hospitals and schools etc etc. People just want to dislike the Liberal Party.

Matt and others, would you say it's the same over in the US with the Republicans and Democrats?
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