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People never look at the big picture. In every war, there have been some civilian deaths. In some wars, there have been many civilian deaths.

While I am not totally educated on the war on Iraq, and may be missing a few details here and there, I believe that it was a good thing. We got rid of a vicious tyrant and his criminal cohorts (who were responsible for many unnecessary deaths, people don't realise)

It's the bleeding heart liberals of America who don't realise how lucky they are to live in a democracy (instead they rant about the Patriot Act... Hey Billy, they ain't listening to the phone calls to your mother!)

The Iraqi people did not have that freedom. The freedom of speech, and all the other liberties WE (the western world) take for granted. We are working towards giving those Iraqis freedom.

It seems nowadays, people just want to hate the president. We could put Abe Lincoln back in office (through what miracle, I have no idea) and still we would have idiot protestors.

Of course, you who disagree with Bush are entitled to an opinion. But before you rant and rave, look at some of the cold, hard facts. We're doing more good than bad.
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