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Originally Posted by Ricko711 View Post
I believe in god, heaven and hell. I'm not in any sort of religion though.
Originally Posted by Srom View Post
I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son Of God and the reason why I believe is because of what He did on the cross for all of our sins and He rose again from the grave proving that He is God and that death didn't defeat Him. I believe Jesus Christ still exists today. I am not really in a religion because a religion means that someone has to follow somebody but Christianity isn't like that. You choose to become a follower of Christ so it's mostly a relationship with God. It's not really a religion. People label it a religion but it's a relationship with Christ.
Originally Posted by Romulus View Post
I am Christian. Specifically Roman Catholic (or Latin Rite, as it is sometimes called).

I agree with what the OP. As God is our Father, we are all brothers and sisters. Therefor, we should treat each other as brother and sister.

Totally agree guys. Nice to hear.

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