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Default New poems

silant cry

i need your help, im not myself
a silent cry is all i have
can you hear me, hold my hand
a silent cry is all i have

words wont flow, they are to loud
a silent cry is all i have
take me there, dont leave me here
a silent cry is all i have

darkness is my only friend
a silent cry is all i have
a void ongoing, make it stop
a silent cry is all i have

i need you now, no stop
a silent cry is all i have
can i force this on to you?
a silent cry is all i have

i sit alone now in my peace
a silent cry is all i have

about her

Everytime we're together is like a reoccuring dream,
The sort that has you wishing you didn't have to wake up
Like a writer's imagination, beautiful fantasy,
But the fairy-tail you transcribe is simply impossible to make up

Everytime you sing, an angel scowls, jealous,
And I must wonder if it's possible to be so beautiful it's over-zealous

Everytime you cry, so does the sky, in my opinion,
Everyone should mourn at the site of the storm, it makes me feel torn inside, so painful I could die

Every time you laugh, it's unexplainable,
Before I met you I thought joy like this was unnatainable

When we touch, it's like a star is born within my heart,
And it's like I'm in outer space alone when we're apart.

Dont Throw me

Im looking up to the sky
counting all the stars
wishing on everyone
that one day ill be in ur arms
maybe you can hold me
hold me really tight
kiss me in the morning
and all through the night
i want to be placed
in your warm embrace
i dont want to smile
without seeing a smile on your face
i dont want to cry
unless you're wiping the tears away
i dont want us to slip
i dont want our love to fade
I dont want to lose you
i dont know how id deal
cant tell you what im thinking
i dont know what to feel
i dont know if its lust
or love at first sight
i dont know whether to let it go
or hold on with all my might
i dont want to hold you too close
that might push you away
im scared to fall into more pieces
that you'll pick up and throw away

I wrote this on for my Girlfriend...i love u so much

Why did u do this?

When we broke up, you said you'd always love me.
Always, you said, always we'd be friends.
But soon I saw you wanted nothing of me,
And then I understood that's how it ends.
You said, "Well, it's much harder than I thought."
I guess it's always easier to lie.
You said, "Well, ask me anything you want."
But I was much too frightened to ask why.
I guess it doesn't matter why we failed,
Or why I love you after what you've done,
Or why the harshest truths must be unveiled
After the last train has come and gone.
I miss you and I love you, even though
What happened lies too deep for me to know.
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