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Ever try having someone you trust just keep touching you until the sensation goes away? I had that after I wore a cast for 3 months. I couldn't even touch my own skin where it was without jerking. My doc said to work on it each day till I absolutyl could not stand it any more and then do the same the next day. It went away after less than 2 weeks.

It might be a similar thing. Worth a try

I also watch people, don't like them behind me, I've even punched a few people who surprised me and I freak out thinking they were someone trying to hurt me before I realize I know them. Then I always feel bad and embarrassed. I just got better at listening ant watching and knowing when someone sneeking up on me. Its basicly impossible to surprise me now. Lol

Oh and that's not ocd. Ocd is more a doing or repeating of silly things all the time. Like one girl tosses a spoon every morning in a certain order and if it doesn't land just right she has to do it all over till its right. Its a compulsion. But a kinda useless one.

You have more a sensation problem.

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