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Default My thing, bah.

Lmao i found my english creative writing piece, listen
i know it is totaly shit, i do not intend to be prasied for it
i am completely bored and just found it.
Haha it's so terrible, i had to do it on war..
Also do not flame me for how short it is, it is meant to be short, and its a godamn piece of coursework, i got an A so..

A Soldier’s Story

8th Oct ‘93
I have been waiting for this day for 13 years of pure hard work. As I opened the envelope my heart started beating rapidly, my Father inquisitively peering over my shoulder, as if he had any involvement in my education. He had served what seemed like decades in the last war. Well, there it was, excellent results. From that today I was able to earn thousands of pounds per year. I just wished my friends could have been there just to witness my achievement, so they could know what they had achieved.

Rob felt rejected all his life, almost deprived from a father figure, all his peers had already left for the war, however, his father, despite being an ex war veteran seemed to object to Rob participating in the war. Rob did not consider any reasoning behind this, not even his father’s past experiences.

11th Oct ‘93
I remember the empty nights when I would explore our mobile home, the moonlight glistening onto the beige wooden steps, exploring the medals my father has received, almost in exchange for involvement in my childhood. I would feel disappointed, and eventually go to sleep thinking of what things would have been like. The war seems the perfect option. I feel I have nothing but a few grades on a piece of paper to my life. I’m determined to show my Father that life can be good even if one goes to war. I’m sure the war will not ruin my life.

27th Oct ‘93
At the booth, I was many families weeping in disperse, I felt singled out, I was the only one without any family observing me as I signed on the dotted line. Many people were laughing and joking while filling the forms in. There seemed to be an atmosphere somehow, although people all knew the reality.

Rob had just arrived at the trenches, for the first attack, he did not qualify due to lack of experience. He saw many of the soldiers looking at him with envy, almost as if they had been in his position once, almost naïve in their actions. However they seemed almost sorry for him. Rob started thinking about what his Father advised him to do, perhaps the experiences he once had during war that he had not shared. For once Rob regretted not listening to his Father.

4th November ‘93
Dear Father,
I am being prepared for the next big offensive, I would have so much to tell you, but I guess you have already experienced it. I am sorry I never took your advise, although I have applied for leave, which I doubt I’ll get, I s’pose I’ll have to see you in 1995 eh?
All of my new friends here are excited about the offensive, I can’t wait until its out of the way.
See you soon

the end!

hahahaha what a shit story
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