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Originally Posted by legalbeagle View Post
Uh....who cares about a children's book at this time? This is about religious discussion. Get on topic
Hmm... lets see... If you would have just answered yes or no i would of told you..

im gonna tell you why I brought that up anyways.. your just making it difficult... ok so heres the deal if youve seen it good youll know what im talking about... if not see it and then youll get it
anywho Dr. Seuss's horton hears a who hasa secret message behind it. The main idea is that their is a mojor belief in what they believe in. In book.. They animals say that they are the only creatures and if you think there are your crazy... Well horton believes that there are whos on this tiny flower... The other animals become angry that horton is questioning their way of... Horton tries to make them belive that there are who's on this flower... The other say he's crazy and that what they believe in only right.. The moral is that religions or beliefs of people try shun what others bellive is true... They say that what they belive in is the only truth..... LIKE MANY RELIGIONS!!!! (cst) THERES MY POINT SO DONT SHUN ME!!
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