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Originally Posted by Alfawolfxl View Post
Zero. Getting yelled at by my father. All he cares about are my grades. I get anything lower than a B and he starts screaming. I don't need to be reminded how worthless I am. I'm tired of this shit. I'm tired of trying. I'll never be good enough.

PS. I won't be on for a while. I'm getting my stuff taken away. What a great way to start off Christmas break.
Ignore your dad. If your dad makes you feel horrid then paying attention to what he does and says to you or about you isnt worth it! Your worth as much as anyone else in this world. To me, your ALOT better than a lot of people that get so much attention. Your brave, your strong, your smart, and your a good person! You cant get anything you want without trying. After you try, you might not succeed but you know what? Try try again! Dont say you'll never be good enough because your more than enough <3

*Sigh* Zero. I thought I would get pretty far but I guess not


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