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sharks are less likely to attack then a seal, the only reason the sharks attack is because they hadent had any food and are getting desperate, so they come closer to the shore. or they are lost, got caught on a false trail, and go to the beach, get scard and try to scare away whats scaring them (humans) but most of these sharks are in the beaches because the underwater climate is shifting alittle-the tsunami is an example-and the food the shark normally eats is moving and the shark is having trouble finding food, so it goes into shallow waters. also as a note the sharks dont usually "eat humans" the shark will try but a sharks way of eating is to disable its bigger pray, let it bleed alittle, hopefully getting more food to try to help it, then when its near death, and cant cause much harm to the shark, it will eat the animal. which is why most sharks will bite some one then leave them alone. people get way to freaked out about this. more poeple die from tripping down the stairs then shark attacks

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