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Default Doctors suspect OCD

Recently a few things have been affecting my life quite badly as in stopping me from going to school. My boyfriends brother has OCD, and after i told him about the problems he suggested i too might have OVD to my surprise. He convinced me to tell my mother, i told her about or of the problems as i don't feel ready to tell her all of them and she contacted my school nurse and doctor and they both referred me to CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) as they suspect me of having OCD.

In all honestly I do not see any correlation between common symptoms of OCD and my problems. As my main problems involve avoiding certain situations and tasks to stop bad things to happen, instead of performing tasks to stop bad things happen (although some of the problems are still like this, most are not). The main problem is when i wake up in the morning i get a terrifying feeling that when I get out of bed something horrible will happen to the people i love, therefore i avoid getting out of bed until this feeling has passed which can take hours.

So do you think i am right to be doubting the doctors opinion or not?

Any replies are appreciated
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