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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by RRDoLLY View Post
c=3 So i gots a question for guys who are cut. I was woundering if were normal or not that where the doctor must have cut the foreskin that the line is kinda of bumpy on its way down to the balls?like the doctor didnt cut it evenly or something?
Is this line horizontal, or does it go vertical (from the glans to the base)?

If the first, it's a circumcision scar. An uneven circumcision scar is not uncommon. It depends on how the stitching/clamping was done, and how the skin was excised. If it was done slightly incorrectly, the scar can be jagged, just like with any surgical/clamping scar. With some methods of circumcision, a jagged scar is normal, I think.

If you mean the line from the glans to the base (or part of the way) on the underside, that's the perineal raphe. That's normal on all guys and unrelated to circumcision.


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