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Default Re: Non Self Harm Calendar!

Originally Posted by Alfawolfxl View Post
I've been waiting for it to get better for years. Been through too many tomorrow's where it never got better. Start out good but they all end up being the same. I'm stuck and I don't know if I'll ever get out. Nobody seems to care about me so what the point? My parents don't even notice.
First of all, we all care about you.

I cant say i know exactly how you feel, but i know what its like to wait and hope for tomorrow to be better than the last. But just waiting for things to get better may take years. As hard as it is and sad that some people have to do this, but you have to believe and work to make each day better than the last. Make someone smile, make someone happy; most importantly make yourself happy. Put yourself first and help others, Karma will come around faster than you expect. All things good don't come without work.

Im still waiting for the day where everything will be okay. Ive been striving for a "normal life" for all my life but it hasn't yet. But I know someday, somehow things will work out and they will for you too. You were put here for a reason; everything that you are going through and have gone through has a deeper meaning and makes you who you are.

You don't deserve the struggles and pain you are given, but please don't take it out on yourself. Its hard, I know. Seven days clean and more and more i want to go buy more blades. But I wont, and you shouldnt either. You are stronger than them, I believe in you.

I'm here if you need anything at all. Talking about it always helps me. Just by writing this I lost the urge all day to cut.

This song always helps me, the third verse always picks me up. Maybe it can help you too.

If you ever want or need to talk about anything, im here and all of us here on VT.

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