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Default Re: Non Self Harm Calendar!

People do care about you! If I didnt care would I be making the effort to try and get you to stop? I hate hearing how people hate themselves and that their life doesnt get better. If you think no one cares this is giving you another reason to cut. If you think that nothing in your life gets better its just another excuse to cut! But if you feel, not think, but FEEL how I, me, one person is saying how they cares about you (Trust me on this one but ALOT more people than just me care about you) then its one reason to NOT cut. And if you think about all the good things in a day well... they add up eventually! Please, dont think about how things get worse in the day think about how it will get better in the beginning of tomorrow. If you look forward to something happening well theres always the possibility of it not happening and this dissappoints you. However if you accept the fact that it might not happen but you still have the feeling it will, thats a whole new experience.


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