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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

I first knew i was bi when i saw this guy around college and my god he was like the hottest thing i had ever seen in my entire life. Its weid though we aren't in any of the same clases and we haven't even spoken to each other but i have caught him looking me a couple of times and if we pass in the corridors he'll smile at me. There was a time in one of the office spaces where i almost literally walked into him but instead i walked into a filing cabinet and he just had a little giggle to himself. I just walked out of there so quickly, i'm such an embarcment to myself. So yeah me and him i don't know if anything would come from it but i became attracted to him and thats how i knew. (Well of course after some serious deliberating)

I haven't really come out because i haven't had a boyfriend just girlfriends in the past so it just wouldn't feel right without having/had a boyfriend.

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