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Originally Posted by Andrew56 View Post
I would like to say that I am a Christian. And if someone else says they are a Christian, does not mean we share the same beliefs. I represent me. Don't let another person who says they are a Christian's statements speak for me. I'm most likely the most conservative Christian on this site.

Just thought I'd set myself apart because Prince Jellyfish said:

You guys have kinda persecuted us for like...evers.

And I don't want people considering me as one of those "guys".
Well that's a pretty good statement. And I agree with Prince Jellyfish.

But even though you are a constructive Christian, which surprised me from the statement that you don't let anyone speak for because you speak for yourself, and think that's good.

But I have a quesiton: What do you mean by "those guys"?

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Hello again VirtualTeen. you blackhole.

No tears to cry
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This species has
Amused itself to death
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