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Default Re: Non Self Harm Calendar!

Originally Posted by Alfawolfxl View Post
I hate myself. I hate what I see in the mirror. I put myself down everyday. I don't know how to support myself because I hate myself. I'm just a broken piece of crap.
Dont hate something so beautiful <3 Supporting yourself is hard but if you look in the mirror and tell yourself "Im amazing" every single day for the rest of your messed up years you will realize how truly amazing you are. Your broken you say? Arent we all eh? Pick up the pieces and put them together, if they dont stay then use tape, if the tape doesnt work use glue, if the glue comes off then stitch it together <3 Remember, your amazing for the person you are and nobody can change you so just accept yourself. Dont hate something that shouldnt be hated on. If you dont love yourself there are people who can love for you. Please try to stop for those people? <3


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