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Default Re: Non Self Harm Calendar!

Originally Posted by Alfawolfxl View Post
Yeah, but then I relapsed and I've been here ever since. It makes me feel better. Why not? My friend doesn't really support me much so I just end up back at zero.
You dont need your friend to support you, you need yourself to support you. My friend told me to look to the future. Would I want my kids to see scars running along my body? Would someone want to date someone with bad habits? Would people accept me? I dont want to think of that so I stop. If I feel depressed I think of my friends, would they still help me if I dont even try? I look to the future. If you dont care about that stuff well you should. Your going to find someone eventually that will support you but if you dont try to stop now, you will never be able to stop, and will that person still want to support a lost cause?


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