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you guys dont get why peta is a terrible charity

did you know that whereas normal state maintained animal care facilities execute on average 20-30% of all cats, dogs, ect. but facilities opperated by peta execute an average of 60-80% 60-80%! 2 men working for peta were aressted for throwing dog corpses into a dumpster. they were caught throwing 2 dogs and a bag of 5 newly born pups into the dumpster, with 8 or 9 already in the dumpster and about 30 in the flatbed of their truck. peta, by law has to give this information to the govnt, its just never been relased. this is the figures for LAST year. peta has yet to turn in this years killing results. upon hearing this news a state took control over a facility from peta because they didnt feel the animals had a good chance. it all truth, if your a dog, you dont want to be under peta's care, you've got a better chance against a tank

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