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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

Originally Posted by Serenity View Post
awwww look at the wittle cats wait theres a spie hmm ahhh a dog get him out lol they are so cute look at the chiwawa its a cute little puppy aww and the fat cat looks ute too but those two ohter cats are skinney there fore i dont like them hmf i only like the cute chiwaw and the cute fat cat

Originally Posted by thePianoMan View Post
The seven dwarves went to the Vatican and when the Pope aswered the door, Dopey stepped forward: "Your Excellency," he said. "I wonder if you could tell me if there are any dwarf nuns in Rome?"
"No Dopey, there aren't," the Pope replied.
Behind Dopey, the six dwarves started to titter.
"Well, are there any dwarf nuns in Italy?" Dopey persisted
"No, none in Italy," the Pope answered a little more sternly.
A few of the dwarves now began to laugh more openly.
"Well, are there any dwarf nuns in Europe?"
This time the Pope was much more firm. "Dopey, there are no dwarf nuns in Europe."
By this point, all the dwarves were laughing aloud and rolling around the ground.
"Pope," Dopey demanded. "Are there any dwarf nuns in the whole world?"
"No Dopey," the Pope snapped. "There are no dwarf nuns anywhere in the world."
Whereupon the six dwarves started jumping up and down chanting, "Dopey fucked a penguin! Dopey fucked a penguin!"

yeah so I got this from a book and I just thought it was frickin hilarious.
rofl dopey fucked a penguin lol thats a good one

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