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Originally Posted by Mzor
What would happen if you never masturbated or never had sex for years and years. Would something happen? Would it be in any way unhealthy. I know you would get wet dreams.
Actually, sex and masturbation contributes to health. They both relieve stress and are a way of exherting yourself. If you don't have either, you may be feel a little tense than usual. Though I'm really doubtful that anyone would go for years and years, especially without masturbation. But if they did, it probably wouldn't harm them in any way, and this tenseness could become a minor thing after awhile.

However, if men get aroused but don't jack off, they might experience blue balls (their balls would ache for a few minutes. It isn't damaging but it can hurt like hell)

Originally Posted by Mzor
Also, if you masturbated regularly and then suddenly stopped doing it for a long time, would something happen?
It might catch your body off guard and you may experience that tenseness or be really horny for awhile until your body gets used to not being exherted sexually. But nothing bad would happen.

Although, I've heard that sex is good for your health, and you may be able to live longer if you have it regularly. But I haven't heard any evidence behind this.
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