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I hate wal-mart. If it were up to me, I would get rid of it altogether.
Did you know that wal-mart actually costs the USA money? Because of wal-marts "minimum wage" jobs, most of those job holders need to go on welfare or some other government program. This costs money. Wal-mart also drives away jobs from the US. Walmart forces their suppliers to move over-seas and hire third world people that will work for $1 an hour, just so walmart can have "low prices, always". Its ridiculous.
And the thing that really took me over the top was what they were going to do in one of my neighboring towns.
The town is Raynham. One one side of the town there is already a walmart super center. Now what they are proposing is that they build another one, in the same town. Its insane. Everyone is against it. They have already bought many family owned stores so they can knock them down and build the walmart.
Now they are moving all over the world...
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