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Originally Posted by Venom. View Post
i think my sperm just hasnt matured yet.. but a orgasm is when it feels real good on ur dick?! i thought u screamed and it took like a hour lol
Originally Posted by Venom. View Post
i can only precum and im 14, i jack off for like 2 minutes and it feels good and it feels like my penis does like 3 heartbeats its a pretty good feeling, then like drips of precum come out, one time it squirted a little.. its like clear urine and it tastes salty D:

do i just not have cum yet? or do i gotta jack off longer, cause after i precum, i lose the urge to masturbate?
lol oh god. This was me when I was 14? Jesus. I'm 18 now, at 14 I thought I was pretty mature. But no, I typed like a god damn 12 year old and showed the innocence of one too. At least it's funny.

I didn't know I changed so much, but I guess I did.
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