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I think that was a very good argument boognish. I do understand that that sadam was a very bad person who did horrible things. But what I don't like about the war is the followin:

When 9/11 hit we attacked afganistan, searching for the man responsible for the deaths of the many people. O sama bin ladin

Then we thought he was hiding in Iraq

Then we forgot about him and said Iraq had wepons of mass destruction

then we searched and searched and found none but ended up attacking Iraq in the prosses

Then we said we were finghting for Iraqs freedom

So what was the war for really?

To find O sama

To find oil

To get rid of the wepons that did not exsist

to free the people that didnt want to be free

Or something else

Thats why I made this topic, to see what other ppl thought this war was for.

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