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people dont realize, this has been going on FOR YEARS, america isnt the cause. we actually made the death toll shorter. sadam killed and tortured so many more than were killed during the war, the suicide bombings are not a new thing in iraq, people are so ignorant some times. the people in the middle east have been fighting killing maiming for centuries. all the people there know is death and who ever kills the most is boss. america couldnt have gone in there and went, hi mister sadam, listen, we got a problem, we think your a threat, and we dont like you very much right now, so we would like you to leave and leave all the people alone. thanks. what would happen? sadam would laught and just shot us. do you think they care that they are dying? do you think they would care if our civilians were dying if the roles were switched? hell no, the middle easterns dont talk or feel empathetic they kill and murder

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