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Yea same. That moment I was mid 12 and there was on day that I never felt so horny. I told my mum I was going to the loo and inside I masturbated and all hell breaks free. The orgasm was the best point ever and the cum was a bit whitish. Ever since them I was impressed (if u know wat I mean) and I started masturbating like every day. Until now. I learnt to masturbate when I turned 12. It seemed to come into my brain naturally.
Yup dude I'm the same way. I remember every single detail of my first orgasm. It was the best feeling ever!

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I actually looked this up and got mixed answers saying both yes and no. But I'm also a Christian and wonder this! But I think it is a sin.
Every religion is different. If you're a conservative Catholic or Southern Baptist they might think it's a problem, but most Christian religions would just be "Oh that's normal for teenage boys, better than having them get a girl pregnant."

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