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Originally Posted by aconfusedone
i disagree! one of my sister's friends is gay. he was sexually abused by his dada as a kid and says that is why he is gay. he was stright until he was 14.
i agree with the findings, you know extreme stress can change how a person acts and reacts not just on the inside but the outside to. plus there is no sure fire way to know if he wasnt gay before he was abused. he might have never noticed. i never did, im bi. also on a side note, the govn't tried to make a really stupid bio genetic bomb. it was going to release a gas that would alter the enemy soldiers dna, make them homosexual and extremely horny, it was dubed "the love bomb" so the enemy soldiers would be to busy fucking to fight. but they never got a gas that could alter our dna like that. plus the have singled out the part of your dna that decides your sexual orentaion. pretty soon tests could be done on newly born babys to tell the parent if the child is gay/straight/bi or could develop mental problems, or become criminals or murders just by our dna
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