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Default Blackholes

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding of blackholes
I'll get to the debate question in a bit... (sentences are in different colors )

Blackholes are created simply from an object (big or small) that continues to collapse on itself from its own gravity. This creates an infinite gravity source in the center of the mass called a singualrity and then an event horizon that forms over it keeps the singularity from unleashing hell as we know it (not really hell, but exotic matter wich... not gonna type unless some1 wants me to explain it) The event horizon of course being the point of no return (only on extreme circumstances can this be overcome)
All blackholes are flat (except Kerr blackholes) and distort space and time as anything nears it. Blackholes have a serious curve on the space time continuem and this is why all time nearly is halted close to the singularity and almost all matter becomes thin as spaghetti strings. This curviture is so tremendous that the curve makes a straight tunnel on the space time continuem plain thingy And this finally means that something must exist on the other side!!! Now here is the debate... Is there anything on the other side??? If so, worm hole?
Tell me what YOU think... I know all these other theories, but I wanna hear ideas from lot's of people, not just two great theorists.

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