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I feel like I've been lying, so I wanna get this out of my system.
Don't look down at me for this.

Remember: You can't help who you love.

When I moved out of my stepparents, Ben is the one that took me in. I used to work with him at the pizza place. He knew that I didn't have anywhere to go so he rented a room from his house to me. Ben was married, is 31 years old, and has two daughters. He doesn't act like it but yes, there is an 11 year difference. We were just friends but I'm afraid things escalated from there, while he was still married. They fought all the time even before I was involved. He left her, because of me, for me. It's not something I'm proud of but I had to get it out. Please don't look down at me for that, I never meant for it to happen that way, I never meant for it to happen at all.

But he's the best thing thats ever happened to me.

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