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By the way, I still have yet to hear the materialist atheists explain how p-consciousness, something non-physical in nature (the fact that it is non-physical in nature is another thing that is evident that atheists seem to have great trouble with) can arise from solely physical systems (mere particles and forces inexplicably and all of a sudden "seeing a blue sky", it's almost funny if it weren't so completely pitiful). Explain how the non-physical can be produced from the solely physical, and how this is "rational" as opposed to the more simple and straightforward conclusion that we are non-physical entities, inherently capable of p-consciousness, accessing the information in the neurons to produce our phenomenal experience. Thank you.

(oh let's see, I'll bet they say I have no "evidence" that phenomenal awareness is not "physical stuff" that can't be produced from the physical, or my reasoning is a "non sequitur".......somehow, "we don't know so God did it" ....."non sequitur" right? The wonderful fallback of the atheist when they have nowhere else to go.) Truly "laughing out loud".
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