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aconfusedone wrote:
drsonoma wrote:
For most things, I don't believe in conformity, but in terms of sexual preference, I prefer the norm. The other stipulation I have is this: Gays should NEVER be allowed to adopt children or having anything remotely close to do with a foster home.

By allowing this in adoption or foster, it fucks the kid's life up for a very long time. No kid should have their innocence destroyed by being exposed to that shit. Any child who was in that sort of a situation, imagine the bullying they would face at school. I am against bullying in any form.

"Hey James. I heard you adopted parents are gay. That means you're a fag!"

That is the kind of discussion that I would rather not hear between two kids. I am an open minded person, but not when it comes to this. Personally, I don't believe that any couple should be allowed. If the government allows it for one type of couple, they'd have to allow it for all couples.

PS: I like being straight! I like looking at a girl and thinking, "Nice tits. Good personality too."

no offence, but the that is just another way of making america more segregated! Just because it doesnt conform to our stupid society,doesnt mean it is wrong or right! it means it is different. America say that it respects people of all kinds, but not allowing gays to legally marry isnt respect. America doesnt care about gays, people just dont want to pay more money for bills! Everyone is not going to come to a common ground if they do not learn to let everyone be treated equal! marriage is about love, commitment, and wanting to be happy with that person for the rest of your life!
also, it wouldnt mess the kid up, if everyone would except it. then gay marriage would be popular, and it wouldnt be as big of a deal.

Yes if there weren't any prejuduce or hate it would be no big deal and besides what does this have to do with gay marrige this should be its own topic

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