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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Idk in my case, currently I do like a girl, and I have had emotional feelings for her for a long time, and I'm actually making a move and asking her out soon. At the same time I think I wouldn't mind having an emotional relationship with a guy, in fact it would be something I would probably want to happen.

I guess that makes me Bi. I know its really stupid, but I mean I have been in love with a girl before, like turning cold and saying the most childish stuff when she was around and blushed and shit. So it's a given I like girls. Then a couple of years ago I had a dream of being with a guy and he said I love you, and kissed me, and I didn't fight it nor did I wake up in the moment so I guess, that's when I realized being in a relationship with a guy wouldn't bother me.

You can call me bi, or pretty hormonal, lol.

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