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Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
I Googled Life Reviews. Know what they are now: Life-flashing-before-my-eyes type situations and the Golden Tunnel stuff. Correct me if I'm wrong.

The Living: Life Reviews are brought forward by the subconscious to calm the Review-er and aid them emotionally in what I'm sure is an incredibly traumatic experience.

The quasi-Dead: Life Reviews are simply the brain trying to rationalise the gaps - through the creation of artificial memories - that occurred whilst the consciousness had stopped. It is all imagined, this being drawn on from held superstition in the Review-er. If they'd experienced the Life Review whilst the brain had been 'dead' they wouldn't remember it.

These are simply theories, of course. I could be wrong, and you could be right. However, I prefer attempting to rationalise the experience than purely believing in the anecdotal evidence that you draw your conclusions from. Interestingly, only about 30% of near-deathers actually report these life reviews - which makes me wonder about the rest. Unrelated: You can also create the effect through ketamine usage which sounds fun though I wouldn't recommend trying.

To me it makes more sense that the chemicals allow the spirit to disengage the body enough for something as complex like a life review to take place, I'm not talking about "life flashing before your eyes", I'm talking about the lengthy discussion between a person and a being of light giving a complete life review start to finish. When I first began considering this stuff the "brain dead so why memories?" question that you pointed out was one of the first things I thought of. However, I supposed and still do think that if a light being can give such a lengthy and detailed life review, this being can somehow allow the memory of it either to be implanted in the physical brain or allow the spirit to access the information from some other storage area outside of the brain.

One thing I don't see any justification for is calling these possibilities irrational. They are perfectly reasonable possibilities if one is not laden with preconceived materialism bias.
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