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Default im so sad, im so stupid

im so stupid, im so sad

i couldnt help my self
i had to know i quess i knew
but i didnt want to
i was happy in my dream
but my dream was falling
deppression was calling
i had to know
but why? i already knew
i was happier not beleiving the
truth i had to ruin it
like i always do
now im crying as i feel a
a part of me die
no wait, 2
i shouldnt have asked i already
knew, it hurt to ask
but it hurt to hide
why did i need truth
why didnt dreams work
why did i have to know

this how i feel right now

My Views Are Odd, I am Accutally a Republican
i dont suffer from insanity, i enjoy it
i swear to drunk im not god

pm me if anyone needs any kind of help, i probly know the answer you seek
i got a new email...
its gmail! it is: [email protected]
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