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Yea, I said it. I have NO life.. and now im merging on the side of suicide. Let me begin. Everyday for the passed year my days have gone like this: Wake up, piss, eat, and on the computer the rest of the day, literally. Some days I don't even feel like I'm living because it's the same iGODDAMN! thing over and over and over again. I barly go outside, and when I do im with my best friend (brother type figure) Nick. Nick and I have been hanging out almost every day or every other day for about a year and ahalf now (it's kind of freaky because me and him went to the same school for 6&7, then we went to the same school at 7, because we both failed, how akward. And now we homeschool together, and we only starting hanging out when we started to homeschool) and unfortunatly he is moving. Like this is literally the brother I never had, it's kinda like we were meant for each other in a weird brotherly way. But anyway, he is moving to Pennsylvania in 3 weeks... and this is devistating, like I don't know what to do. There really is no reason to live. Ok, back on topic. I haven't dated in just about 2 years now (well, i've gone out with people but it wasn't a true girlfriend.. like I once had). So, like.. I don't know what to do. I guess ill just go along for the ride.
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